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Choosing a domain name | What is hosting? | Country codes


The articles below will provide you with information on the most frequently mentioned topics in connection to web site design. If your questions are not answered by these articles, try searching the web, or ask us a specific question. Chances are, if you are wondering about something, others will too.

How to choose a domain name?
What is hosting?
Country codes

There is a lot said about the power of search engines, but the main thing to remember is: if your web site is remaining on the same server and under the same domain name for an extensive period of time, the best search engines will index it themselves, without you having to submit anything. In addition, many search engines now switched to paid listings, which is more trouble and money than it's worth. The articles below explain more about how search engines work.

Types of search tools
Search engines: what they are, how they work and practical suggestions for getting the most out

Choosing a domain name | What is hosting? | Country codes


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