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Design Process | Questions and Answers


First Contact

The first stage in establishing the client-designer relationship. We will tailor your site to your needs and resources. This is the time to provide the designer with all the content (images, text, logo, contact information...) and share your vision of the future site. If you already have a site you would like us to redesign, this is the time to give us its URL and mention the changes you would like to be made to it.


This stage starts with a designer creating a layout description of the site including content organization, graphics placement, site topology, navigation system, colour scheme, etc.
This description then is submitted to the client by email for approval and any possible revisions. In case of corrections, the designer goes over the description correcting and adding the revisions and resubmits them to the client. The process is reiterated as many times as necessary until the client is satisfied with the layout.


The final stage of the design process is the actual creation of the website. The coding is done, the graphics are created and/or edited, the site is posted online. All the tuning and debugging is done, and all technical implementation issues are resolved. The payment is accepted, and the site is transferred to a permanent host. For hosting options, see our hosting section.

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Design Process | Questions and Answers

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