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1. June 2024 

Happy to announce the new creations:


Mike Breeze ♆ "Diavol"
mini album,
release date 2024.06.06 (CD, download)

1. Idea (Mike Breeze)
2. Diavol (Mike Breeze)
3. Deadborn (Mike Breeze)
4. Moustronauts (Mike Breeze & Leif Astroid)
5. Tatar Melodies (Tatar traditional, re-written by Mike Breeze)

6. Stormy Skies (Mike Breeze)
7. Deine Wasser (Mike Breeze)
8. Piano Spring Scene In G-Dur (Mike Breeze)


Mike Breeze - "Diavol" action figure
(6.6 cm / 2,5 inch tall)


To buy the "Diavol" album
OR "Diavol" figure
OR a set of both (action price),
go to:

Album and figure are also available at Mike Breeze live gigs

and at
Holstenstraße 65, 24103 Kiel!

Download at amazon, itunes, spotify etc.

Official site:


Stories behind every song on the album
will be gradually revealed on



27. July 2023  

With great sadness I have to cancel my today's performance at the amazing versatile festival due to severe illness. 
Sorry, guys! But everyone go there, it is worth it! 
As for me... I will try my best to get well soon. 
Maybe they want me next year again... then I WILL BE THERE!

22. July 2023  

music radio shows at
feat. DJ Mike & DJ Siegbert 

You can find all the shows here: 
Check it out...

Or also check out the archives there: 





...all episodes continued here: !



27. December 2022

New videos online: go to

13. July 2022

Mike Breeze + Metamorphonia - new tour dates online:


2. April 2022

Mike Breeze will return to the stage at a special event: 
live at KDW, NEUMÜNSTER (Germany):  
15. May 2022 (Sunday), 4:00 pm. 
Everybody is welcome, regardless of status. 
Sonntagsmatinée Lesung und Musik - Schwer und leicht und ganz verrückt
Mike Breeze - piano 
& Siegbert Schwab liest seine Texte und weitere Gäste

3. July, 2020

Mike Breeze has been doing a series of broadcasts on Freies Radio Neumünster
together with DJ Siegbert Schwab,
presenting some of their favourite music
and telling the stories behind the songs:
Queen, X Japan, Angra, Extreme, Mötley Crüe, Guns'n'Roses, KMFDM,
Rammstein, The 69 Eyes, The Mission, The Beatles, Def Leppard  
- and MANY! more -
also including some Mirror and Solowshow* tracks of course.
Each broadcast has a loose topic to which the chosen songs related.

Those broadcasts are available to listen to online now:

1. Introduction: Rock / Gothic / 80ies - and beyond????????

21. December, 2019

Now on sale!
49€ or 54$ + shipping:

(28 tiles)

Limited edition!
Environmentally friendly!
Each item hand-signed by Mike Breeze!


Black Panther
Butterflies In The Rain
Hamburg Underwater
Heart Of Ice
Paper Moon



Made in Russia by Anya
(c) mirror records 2019


22. December, 2018

Mike Breeze's live performance at tide tv Hamburg is now online:
it has been uploaded on the tide tv youtube channel.

14. December, 2018

Mike Breeze's live performance at tide tv Hamburg will be broadcast
on 20. December 2018, 9pm on tide tv.
( Info on how to view tide tv: )
The interview was conducted by Nanni Van Hamburg.

Forgiven But Not Forgotten
Hamburg Underwater
Golden Blues
Sex In School
The Won
Great Expectations

13. September, 2018

Solowshow* was followed by Gradus TV during the latest Moscow adventures:

1. Interview. (9. September)
2. Live at Alibi. (9. September)
3. Farewell & a capella singing. (11. September) 

Bildergebnis für solowshow moscow 2018


July 30, 2017

On 30. July 2007, Mirror's 2nd single "Heart Of Ice" was released on CD and vinyl.

It had become an instant fan favourite, even prior its official release.
It has been played at almost every Mirror & Solowshow* gig ever since,
mostly featuring Leif Astroid (Solowshow*, The Pleasures) on vocal,
as opposed to the studio version, featuring Mike's vocal.

One of the single's B-sides was the original ballad version of "Nuclear Sky"
featuring Leif Astroid and Bat (ex-Radkick) on guest vocals.
It was Mike's & Leif's first studio work together, 
5 years before Solowshow*'s own debut album "Visuacoustic" appeared in 2012.

"Heart Of Ice" later was released on Mirror's "Shocking Debut" album in 2007,
a rock version of "Nuclear Sky" with Mike's vocal was recorded for Mirror's "Valentine's Album" in 2012.

Today, Solowshow* celebrate 10 years "Heart Of Ice" single with a live show in SternChance Hamburg,
wich Christi Ane of on guest vocal on "Nuclear Sky".

July 4, 2017

Updated fan art: 

April 14, 2017

Solowshow* live video digest from the Acoustic Winter Festival in Düsseldorf:

Also check out and 
for photos and videos from the latest Solowshow* live shows in Moscow!


December 27, 2016

Check out Solowshow*'s new video clip "Forgiven But Not Forgotten":

available @ Solowshow* live gigs, iTunes, amazon, Saturn, Mediamarkt, etc........... 


August 08, 2016

New limited edition Solowshow* shirts & pants
are on sale at the upcoming live gigs!

April 1, 2016

A brillant German review of Solowshow*s ANCIENT ELECTRICITY in Musix:

February 26, 2016

On sale 26.2.2016: long-awaited 2nd Solowshow* album: ANCIENT ELECTRICITY!
(LP+CD+DVD deluxe edition   / or /   download)
The album includes the single tracks "The Won" / "The Peacock Song" and a number of new compositions
("Anthurium", "Convergence", "I'm A Cancer", "Forgiven But Not Fortotten", "Sunset In Moscow" etc.  

On sale - on Amazon, Saturn, MediaMarkt, Spotify, iTunes, other online shops -
and on all Solowshow* gigs as long as not sold out yet!  
MediaMarkt offers a lottery price to the first buyer+reviewer!

Check out the promo film:

and the front cover:


January 29, 2016

The February 2016 issue (#69) of the Dark Spy magazine features
a brand-new interview with Solowshow*
+ Solowshow*'s "Ancient Electricity" album review!
(The album is scheduled for release on Friday, 26. February 2016.)
The magazine is on sale in European book stores and online right now: 


November 27, 2015

The December 2015 issue (#68) of the Dark Spy magazine features
Solowshow*'s new recording "TALK TO DEATH"
on the Dark Spy CD sampler, enclosed with the magazine!
Also includes an article about the song.
The song is lifted from the upcoming new Solowshow* album,
scheduled for release on 26. February 2016. 




October 07, 2015

SOLOWSHOW* is featured on 3 pages in the October 2015 issue of Berliner Telegraph, Germany.
The colorful printed magazine can be purchased on the magazine's site,
where you can also watch and download the magazine as PDF file:
Berliner Telegraph is the biggest Russian magazine in Germany.



September 30, 2015

The production of Solowshow*'s 2nd album has been finished.
The album will be mastered next week.
Scheduled release date: 26. February 2016, Friday.
List of song titles (in chronological order!) was posted on facebook:


September 10, 2015

Solowshow* celebrate 10th band anniversary with a video documentary,
mainly concentrating on the very first Mike+Leif live performance 10 years ago,
but also featuring in-depth interviews with Mike+Leif,
as well as lots of archive footage:

MIRROR PIANO GIG (feat. SOLOWSHOW*) - live 2005.IX.10 Kulturforum, Kiel



April 23, 2015

Check out Solowshow* anTOURium 2015-2016:

The tour will feature old live favourites, as well as new songs, such as "Anthurium"! be updated & continued!!!... 

You can always find the updates here:

February 14, 2015

The new Mirror single goes officially on sale on Valentine's Eve: 14.02.2015!
It will be sold at (Solowshow*) live gigs exclusively as limited edition.
Featuring 4 new unreleased special versions of Mirror songs!

1. Glitter Critter ~Dubstep remix~ [feat. JuViSun]
2. Valentine ~live~ recorded live in Kaiserkeller, Hamburg on 2009.IV.16
3. Heart Of Ice ~karaoke version~
4. Underwater Inauguration ~initial version~

January 20, 2015

A big honour for Solowshow*:
An article in the 2015 Queen Fan Club mag #60, Germany!
They usually (naturally) don't write about other bands than Queen and Queen projects.
In the article it is explained why they made an exception...
The colorful printed magazine can be purchased on the German Queen Fan Club site: 

December 29, 2014

The Won

Finally on sale December 29, 2014: Solowshow*'s new single "THE WON"!
1. The Won (new track)
2. The Peacock Song (new track)
3. Solitary Shrine ~single version~ (Mike verse vocal)
4. I Can't With You ~guitar version live~ (Kiel-TV 2012)

Request Solowshow*'s "The Won" on radio!

29-ого декабря 2014 наконец выходит в свет новый сингл Solowshow*: "ТHE WON"! 
1. The Won (новый трэк)
2. The Peacock Song (новый трэк)
3. Solitary Shrine ~single version~ (вокал на куплетах: Майк)
4. I Can't With You ~guitar version live~ (Kiel-TV 2012)


November 7, 2014

November issue of German magazine LP MAGAZIN (on sale now - from 7.11.2014 on)
includes a nice review of Mirror's "Valentine's Eve" album (vinyl edition)!

The colorful printed magazine can be purchased on the site

and bought in newspaper kiosks and bookstores all over Germany!


You can still purchase the vinyl album too:
It is also available at Solowshow* gigs as long as not sold out!

May 26, 2014

June/July issue of German glossy magazine DARK SPY (on sale 26. May 2014) 
includes a new Solowshow* song on the enclosed CD-sampler:
"The Peacock Song"
(lifted from the upcoming single "The Won").

The colorful printed magazine can be purchased on the site 
and bought in newspaper kiosks and bookstores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Belgium. 

March 25, 2014

April issue of German glossy magazine DARK SPY (on sale: 28. March 2014) includes an interview with Mike Breeze
about Solowshow*'s upcoming new single and about Mirror,
as well as reviews of "Visuacoustic" & "Valentine's Eve"
and a Solowshow* song on the enclosed CD-sampler:
"A Distance To Get Closer" (from the album "Visuacoustic"). 

It is Solowshow*'s first appearance on a magazine cover! 

Also, the magazine offers special limited lottery action with Solowshow* & Mirror discs and merch!
Who is smart enough to solve the quiz? 

The colorful printed magazine can be purchased on the site 
and bought in newspaper kiosks and bookstores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Belgium.

December 31, 2013

The Solowshow* live in Moscow digest video 2013 is finally available on youtube!

December 13, 2013

The year is over soon and Wintertime traditionally is the time of presents and surprises...
A huge Mike Breeze interview about Mirror etc. is published today on, UK, 
Check it out:

October 2, 2013

We have been selling our new albums & merchandise (Solowshow* and Mirror) at Solowshow* gigs for the last 9 months, and we are happy to be finally able to offer You other opportunites to buy it, especially for the fans who could not attend our gigs so far!


Available in our label's store - Royal-Audio Recordstore, 
Kaulbachstraße 62, 
80539 München.
U3/U6 Universität, (2 minutes from Siegestor)


Solowshow* CD on amazon: -* -*&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Asolowshow*

Solowshow* mp3 on amazon: -* -*

Solowshow* on iTunes:


Mirror CD+DVD on amazon: -'s+eve&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Amirror+valentine's+eve -'s+eve&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Amirror+valentine's+eve

Mirror - Valentine's Eve - limited edition vinyl (black with red splashes) on

Full free audio preview of the Mirror and Solowshow* albums:


We finished the first leg of the Solowshow* Visuacoustic Tour (to be continued...) in Moscow, Russia.
It was marked by special merch, created by NECA design.
Those of You who missed the opportunity to purchase these special limited edition merch articles,
You can try and do so, as long as it is possible:

Also check out the first part of our Moscow 2013 video:
Part two - coming soon, sometime soon in 2013... 
Watch our youtube channel!


You can still buy the Solowshow* wine "Blood Of The Gods" at our gigs and on


Last but not least, what's your biggest dream for the winter holidays? There will be a compilation, released on 25. October 2013, called "Radio Schwarze Welle: Dark Season", featuring 19 famous German rock/gothic/folk bands, including Solowshow* with "What's Your Biggest Dream":

May 16, 2013

Tomorrow (Friday) Solowshow* fly to Moscow.
Some photo shootings and promo actions are planned before the gig on Sunday.

A new "last-minute" interview with Mike & Leif by NECA-studio was posted (in Russian) on this site:


May 1, 2013

An exclusive interview with Mike Breeze in the May 2013 issue of MUZON!
You can buy it here:

April 22, 2013

The compilation "Pop Goes To The World" (Pop Rock Camp) is released today, featuring Solowshow*'s "Lust Garden" as track #2 on the list!

Soon to be followed by "Carefully Selected Pop & Rock Ballads" (Starlight) on 10. May 2013, featuring Solowshow*'s acoustic cover version of X Japan's "Endless Rain"!

[Click the compilation titles to buy.]

April 5, 2013

Московскими special guests на концерте Solowshow* в Music Town будут:
Еврозима и Peps Division
с акустическими версиями своих и мировых рок-хитов!

Moscow special guests at the Solowshow* gig in Music Town:
Еврозима и Peps Division
with acoustic versions of their songs and international rock hits!

We look forward to play with Peps Division for the first time.

We have already played with Eurozima in the past.
In 2008, at the Mike Breeze gig in Moscow, Vladimir (Eurozima guitarist) was special guest on stage.
Eurozima's song "Life Without Sun" was co-written by Mike Breeze.
And the 2012 Mirror album "Valentine's Eve" features the song "When I'm Dead" co-written with Eurozima.

March 13, 2013

Solowshow* tour continues:

O'Murphy's, Neumünster, Germany - 10. May 2013, Friday:

Music Town, Moscow, Russia - 19. May 2013, Sunday:

March 12, 2013

N.E.C.A. store (Moscow) has created a set of extra merchandise for the SOLOWSHOW* gig in Moscow on 19. May 2013:

March 8, 2013

В мартовском номере газеты МУЗОН (в продаже в киосках прессы и на опубликовано моё поздравление для девушек на 8-ое марта - female day!

Love - Mike Breeze*


February 5, 2013

The location for the Moscow gig of Solowshow*'s Visuacoustic Tour will be Music Town,
in the house of the Moscow Music Hall,
metro stations: Komsomolskaya or Krasnye Vorota.
19. May 2013 (Sunday), 18:30.


February 14, 2013

Solowshow* wine:

When Leif sings "Good-bye Valentino", dedicated to Rudolph Valentino & Rudolf Nureyev, do you ever wonder what is "the blood of the gods" that "doesn't taste" any more?
Well, now it tastes again!
Taste the Solowshow* wine BLOOD OF THE GODS!
Available at all Solowshow* gigs,
as well as for purchase online and in the shop in !
Two flavours: Merlot Corvina Vineto & Sicilia Rosso.


February 1, 2013

The webzine "Trash And Riot" posted a nice review (in German) of Solowshow*'s live in Kiel, which took place on 24. January 2013 as part of the Visuacoustic Tour, which is still running:

Details on the location of the Moscow show in May 2013 will be posted soon.


December 23, 2012

MIRROR's 2nd album "Valentine's Eve"
will be released on Thursday, December 27, 2012 on limited edition vinyl (black with red splashes!) and CD.
The music was written and performed exslusively by Mirror (Mike, Ramin, Ian).
The album includes new compositions like "Deep Down Below" as well as songs, already performed live in the past like "Rock", "Glitter Critter", "Nuclear Sky", "Hamburg Underwater" and a new version of the single "Valentine".
The CD edition includes a bonus DVD and a bonus CD with more new songs, alternative versions and collaborations with other artists, including Gregory Schwartz (Gorky Park's co-writer in 1989), Vladimir Suhotinskiy (Eurozima), Leif "Dancette" Astroid (The Pleasures, Solowshow*) and other talented musicians.
Mirror do not plan to tour in the near future, so, as a present for the fans, the DVD includes a new unplugged live-in-the-studio performance.

On Friday, December 28, 2012, SOLOWSHOW*s (acoustic duet of Mirror's Mike Breeze and The Pleasures' frontman Leif "Dancette" Astroid) long-anticipated debut CD album "Visuacoustic" goes on sale.
The album contains seven original songs and two cover versions (X Japan's "Endless Rain" and Queen's "I Guess We're Falling Out").
SOLOWSHOW* is going on a live tour with songs from the new album, as well as some Mirror compositions.

From 28. December 2012 on you can purchase the music here: as well as on upcoming Solowshow* live gigs.
MIRROR's 2es Album "Valentine's Eve"
wird am 27. Dezember 2012, Donnerstag, auf limited edition Vinyl (schwarz mit roten splashes) und CD veröffentlicht.
Die Musik wurde exklusiv von Mirror (Mike, Ramin, Ian) geschrieben und performt.
Das Album beinhaltet neue Kompositionen wie "Deep Down Below", sowie auch Songs, die schon in der Vergangenheit live performt wurden, wie "Rock", "Glitter Critter", "Nuclear Sky", "Hamburg Underwater" und eine neue Fassung der Single "Valentine".
Die CD Edition beinhaltet eine bonus DVD und eine bonus CD mit noch mehr neuen Songs, alternativen Versionen und Kollaborationen mit anderen Künstlern, wie Gregory Schwartz (Gorky Park's Ko-Autor in 1989), Vladimir Suhotinskiy (Eurozima), Leif "Dancette" Astroid (The Pleasures, Solowshow*) und anderen talentierten Musikern.
Mirror planen keine Tour in naher Zukunft, deswegen hat man, als Geschenk für die Fans, eine neue unplugged live-in-the-studio performance für die DVD aufgenommen.

SOLOWSHOW*'s (akustisches Duett von Mirror's Mike Breeze und The Pleasures' Frontmann Leif "Dancette" Astroid) Debutalbum-CD "Visuacoustic" erscheint am Freitag, den 28. Dezember 2012.
Das Album beinhaltet sieben Originalsongs und zwei Coverversionen (X Japan's "Endless Rain" und Queen's "I Guess We're Falling Out").
Die Band SOLOWSHOW* geht auf eine live Tour mit den Songs vom neuen Album, sowie einigen Kompositionen von Mirror.

Ab 27. Dezember 2012 kann man hier die Musik bestellen: sowie bei künftigen Solowshow* live Gigs.



(more dates to come / mehr Termine kommen)

29. December 2012, 20:00: Nightlife Nightlive, KIEL-TV, Germany

24. January 2013, 20:00: Prinz Willy, KIEL, Germany

25. January  2013, 20:00: Kulturladen, HAMBURG, Germany

23. February 2013, 20:00: Tonfink, LÜBECK, Germany

1. March 2013, 20:00: Zum Stadtkrug, SCHWERIN, Germany

18. May 2013, 18:00: MOSCOW, Russia



August 12, 2012

Leif Astroid has uploaded a short private video, shot on August 1, 2012, when he was recording his vocals and synths for the upcoming debut Solowshow* album.
Check out the video here: . There is also a longer video documentary being shot about making the 2nd Mirror and the 1st Solowshow* albums, which will be released at some point in the future...


July 26, 2012

Yesterday (25.7.2012) we did a break in the actual recording of the new albums (Mirror's 2nd and Solowshow*'s first) and made an acoustic live performance in Rosenquarz, scheduled for Mirror's Bonus DVD... Micha Hahn checked the sound, Andreas Libera took care of audio/video recording and we rocked on... A hot, hard, but exciting day! Cheers* - Mike


May 7, 2012

Mike Breeze's discography and tourography with Mirror & Solowshow* is now available as documents to download on .


January 24, 2012

All Mirror / Mike Breeze music+lyrics released so far are now available for listening+preview on .


January 6, 2012

"I have written an article for the German site "Underground Empire" about the legendary Russian rock band Gorky Park. You can find it here: Enjoy!  ~ Mike Breeze"


December 31, 2011

"Happy new dragon's year to all of Mirror & Solowshow* fans!
Let's rock in 2012 together!
I am sending these congratulations to all of you, but people from Kharkov/Ukraine asked me for a special message and I created a little video for them: . Check it out! See ya! M.B."


August 1, 2011

"My article about Queen (dedicated to their 40th anniversary) was published in ROCKCOR in the August issue. And my article about X Japan will be published in the September issue.

Sadly, on 17. July 2011, Taiji Sawada  (1966-2011) died, aged just 45. I love all X Japan members, but he was one of my special heroes. Not only because he also played bass. I loved his tasteful bass & guitar playing, his songwriting, his image and his wonderful paintings. I hope there will be a Taiji exhibition sometime soon! Taiji ever free, heroes never die! R.I.H.! (Rock In Heaven!) 

Stay tuned for Mirror and Solowshow* news sometime soon... and stay alive!  - CU - Mike"


May 2, 2011

"I am still alive!
There have not been many news from the MIRROR camp since my gig with RA:IN (feat. Pata of X JAPAN in Berlin in 2009.
Our second album is unfortunately not ready yet, due to technical reasons. But I was not lazy, and besides the MIRROR work, also took part in a number of other projects:
I was asked by the oldest Russian rock magazine Rockcor to write a comprehensive obituary in memory of MANOWAR's charming drummer Scott Columbus, who died on 4. April 2011 aged just 54. You will be able to purchase the journal on their site .
However, there are also some good news!
I've been writing songs with the bands EUROZIMA, SATARIAL and my old stage partner Leif "Dancette" Astroid .
There is a GORKY PARK music archivation process that I am taking part in and I translated some American and German GORKY PARK press into Russian, while Leif helped out with the Danish press.
And the wonderful jewellery company PINKABSINTHE created a beautiful chain called "Butterflies In The Rain", titled so after one of my newer songs. Some fans might remember this because I have been playing it live since 2008. This ballad will probably be released on MIRROR's third album, since there seems to be no space left on the second one. I recommend all of You to look at this chain and buy it on PINKABSINTHE's site: .
Cheers and... see ya! - Mike Breeze"


"Ich lebe noch!
Es gab nicht viele News aus dem MIRROR-Lager seit meinem Konzert mit RA:IN (feat. Pata von X JAPAN in Berlin in 2009.
Leider ist unser zweites Album aus technischen Grunden noch nicht fertig. Aber ich habe die Zeit genutzt um nebenbei auch an anderen Projekten zu arbeiten:
Ich wurde gebeten einen ausfuhrlichen Nachruf auf MANOWAR's charmanten Drummer Scott Columbus zu schreiben, der am 4. April 2011 im Alter von nur 54 gestorben ist. Der Artikel wird in Rockcor - der alstesten russischen Rockzeitschrift - veroffentlicht.
Aber es gibt auch gute Nachrichten!
Ich habe Songs geschrieben, u.a. mit EUROZIMA, SATARIAL und meinem langjahrigen Buhnenpartner Leif "Dancette" Astroid .
Au?erdem nehme ich teil am Musikarchivierungsprozess von GORKY PARK und habe amerikanische und deutsche GORKY PARK-Presse ins Russische ubersetzt, wahrend Leif mit den Ubersetzungen aus der danischen Presse geholfen hat.
Und die wundervolle Juweliersfirma PINKABSINTHE hat eine schone Kette kreiert, die auf den Namen "Butterflies In The Rain" getauft wurde, inspiriert von meinem gleichnamigen Song, den ich seit 2008 bei vielen Konzerten live gespielt habe, insofern durfte der Titel einigen Fans vertraut sein. Die Ballade wird wahrscheinlich auf dem dritten MIRROR-Album veroffentlicht, weil auf dem Zweiten kein Platz mehr zu sein scheint. Ich empfehle Euch allen sich die Kette anzuschauen und zu kaufen auf PINKABSINTHE's Seite: .
Passt auf Euch auf und... wir sehen uns! - Mike Breeze"


Butterflies In The Rain

June 6, 2010

New interview with Mike Breeze about Mirror, colleagues, etc... on

New (and old) Mirror & Mike Breeze videos uploaded on .

September 12, 2009

Mike Breeze plays an acoustic show (piano+vocal) in Prinz Willy, Kiel on 16. October 2009.
Show start: 8pm.

September 9, 2009

The gig in Schwerin on 10. October 2009 is cancelled due to technical reasons.

September 7, 2009

Mike Breeze (Mirror) + Leif Astroid (The Pleasures) + Silke Thomsen on cello 
will play an acoustic show live in Schwerin on 10. October 2009 in the famous rock club ZEPPELIN.

You are all welcome to the show!



January 13, 2009

On 16. April 2009, Thursday, MIRROR play the *Valentine* live Gig in the legendary KAISERKELLER in Hamburg, famous as the live "birthplace" of The Beatles and as a hip Rock / Gothic / Metal club. Old favourites like "Heart Of Ice" will be played, as well as new songs like "Valentine" and "Rock". Leif "Dancette" Astroid will sing guest vocals on a couple of songs. The show is going to be filmed. Before the show, scenes for the new video clip "Rock" are going to be filmed. This concert is important for us and we want to see everyone of You there! Let's rock!!!

Further acoustic solo live gigs are planned for the "Mike Breeze + Leif Astroid" duet.

Work on the new Mirror record is being continued.

Furthermore, we co-operated with Gregory Schwartz, the lyricist of some hits from the first GORKY PARK album (including "BANG") on a new song, which will supposedely be called "ZERO".

November 10, 2008

Mike Breeze + Leif Astroid play another acoustic live gig in Hamburg on 22. November 2008:

Plans ahead for further Mike Breeze + Leif Astroid acoustic live dates
in Berlin (30. January 2009) and Kiel (13. February 2009)
as well as a MIRROR live gig in Hamburg (23. March 2009).

For more info, stay tuned or just check out or .


October 13, 2008

The gig in the Rock*n*roll Pub in Moscow was very joyful!,
Thanx to all fans, friends, musicians (Eurozima and Naked Gun), our Russian promoter (Bella) and journalists (Rockcor,


September 8, 2008

Mirror's new CD single "Valentine" is released today.
Check out for more details.





August 28, 2007

official statement from Mike Breeze:


We celebrated our SHOCKING DEBUT release party on Friday, 24th August 2007 and it totally fucking ruled!

Kukuun in Hamburg proved to be a nice location,
the fans in the first row went crazy (especially on Come To Me Baby),
Ramin, Ian and our special guest Leif delivered one of their finest performances ever to date,
we had one Hell of an aftershow party
and I ended the night in a close circle
at the Elbe in Hamburg in the port area
watching the dawn and the giant ships pass by...

What a night!

Rock'n'roll is worth it and if You fight for Your prize,
You definitely get it!

Thanx to everyone who visited us at that evening!
And to everyone on stage and in Kukuun.

Special thanx to our driver Carkus Schröter
who ended up driving one of the fartherst living fans of that night home to his hometown to the North of Germany -
after delivering all the equipment back in my place. Thank You!

The next day (Saturday) I had no time to relax or to write this message
because I was spontaneously booked for Kiel-tv
to introduce our CD and DVD there, to talk about the release party and to play 1 song live backed up by my own electroacoustic Takamine guitar.
I ended up playing 3:
Night On Broadway, Don Quijote, Come To Me Baby.

While Mirror are busy working on the next record
(as well as myself recording some solo tunes...),
I found time to take care of something else, namely
in October, I am organizing a live gig in Kiel
for 2 very cool bands:

Flash (punk / glam / metal, St Petersburg)
Kater Fritz (psychedelic rock, Hamburg)

2. October 2007, Tuesday, 8pm, entry: 4 euro.
Prinz Willy, Lutherstr 9 (Südfriedhof), Kiel, Germany

**** Cheers ~ Mike Breeze"


July 30, 2007

Friday, 24. August 2007, 8 PM, 5€.
[1] Shocking Debut CD presentation.
[2] Mike Breeze plays some songs live, joined on stage by farther Mirror members Ramin & Ian and by Leif Astroid on most of the songs.
[3] Mirror merchandising stand and chat.
[4] Kater Fritz / The Jeopards play aftershow party live.
[5] André Linke (author of the crystal yorkshire series, for which "When Flukes Attack" and "The Little Battle" were soundtrack) presents her German book and signs autographs.
Spielbudenplatz 22
20359 Hamburg
S-Bahn-1: Reeperbahn
map of the location


July 10, 2007

After a long wait,
Shocking Debutour Final,
M+L Tour in Germany and Russia
and after the 26. June 2006 "RED DYE" single CD release,

now it is time to continue the history of Mirror!

On 30. July 2007,
the "HEART OF ICE" single is being released on CD and on vinyl.
The song is, after "Red Dye", another Mirror song from the upcoming album, this time - a melodic ballad, already beloved by fans all around the world.

Once again, the CD/vinyl single will include non-album songs (!) as bonus tracks:

"Dearly Screw" is a rocking party song with a giant choir of screams, including Leif Astroid (Jubilee*, The Pleasures), Andreas Libera (Cold Embrace) & many more.

"You Can't Hide" ~Coalescene NY remix~ is a great electronic version of the album's opener produced & executed by Manuel Pilgrimm of Coalescene.

The CD version of the single has one more bonus track: the sad piano ballad "Nuclear Sky" featuring glorious guest vocals of Leif Astroid (Jubilee*, The Pleasures) & BAT (Radkick).

Once again, the single's inlay card has all the songs lyrics printed.

On 13. August 2007,
the "SHOCKING DEBUT" album CD itself will finally be released featuring 15 songs (!) and 4 instrumental compositions (!).

Including the both singles' title tracks "Red Dye" & "Heart Of Ice",
the familiar "Come To Me Baby",
a heavy speed metal version of the Russian "Kalinka",
the 16-minute-long instrumental epic "Shocking Suite",
the jazzy old-fashioned "Night On Broadway",
and many other tunes.

The album also includes a huge colorful booklet.

On 20. August 2007,
the "SHOCKING VIDEBUT" video DVD will be out on sale featuring Mirror's video clips (including "Come To Me Baby", "Heart Of Ice", "Kalinka", etc), a live-on-tv medley performance and a couple of live-in-concert songs.

Check out the lyrics, hear & watch the samples in the music section!
Also find there the shops list to buy these products.

There are plans for a release party + live gig in Hamburg on 24th August 2007, Friday. Watch this space!

April 12, 2007

We have put an unreleased live version of "Golden Blues" onto our myspace site People who bought "Red Dye" might know the recording process of the song from the bonus... "Golden Blues" will be track # 15 on the upcoming "Shocking Debut" CD-album. This live audio recording of "Golden Blues" that You can find on myspace now is exclusive at the moment. However, the main aim is to direct our myspace fans to this official site because the credits say that all information about studio recordings as well as samples of other songs can be found here, on
Rock on! ~ Mike *


March 15, 2007

A new in-depth interview with Mike Breeze (in Russian) is published here:


March 9, 2007

Today's Bremen gig cancelled / re-scheduled
Jimmy's Bar manager had to cancel our gig today due to some technical reasons.
He wants to re-schedule it as soon as possible.
If we find an agreement with him again, we will publish the new date for Bremen as soon as possible.


** M+L TOUR 2007 **

Mike Breeze (Mirror) & Leif Astroid (Jubilee*, The Pleasures) play acoustic shows again featuring hits of Mirror, Jubilee*, hide and incidental glamorous surprises... After a number of live gigs in Germany and Russia, the acoustic M+L tour continues!

24. February 2007, 8:00 PM:
Hamburger Chaussee 36, KIEL, 24113, Germany
=Free entry!
=Um die Musiker beim live Auftritt zu supporten, dürfen Fans ins Studio mitkommen und bei der live Aufnahme und Interviews dabei sein!

9. March 2007, 8:00 PM:
Jimmy's Bar
Hillmannplatz 20, BREMEN, 28195, Germany
=Free entry!
=Jimmy's Bar befindet sich im Zentrum von Bremen. Vom Hauptbahnhof in Richtung Innenstadt, an McDonalds vorbei und bei der Sparkasse einfach quer über den Hillmannplatz.

30. March 2007, 8:00 PM:
Red Bar
Herderstrasse 23, U2-Mundsburg, Hamburg, Germany
=Entry: 4 Euro.
=double gig with the rock'n'roll band Kater Fritz
=Club Red befindet sich in der Herderstr. 23 an der U2-Mundsburg in Hamburg. Man muss Richtung Hochhäuser/McDonalds gehen und an der grossen Kreuzung nach rechts in die Herderstr. oder mit dem Bus 25 fahren.


December 29, 2006

Those who bought Mirror's RED DYE cd-single, know that the songs "When Flukes Attack" and "The Little Battle" are soundtrack to the book series *Crystal Yorkshire*. This book has been released in Germany now. The book's author has made the following press release in German:

"Literatur: Neue SF-Satire am Start Vergangengen Freitag ist der 1. Band der SF-Satire-Serie "Crystal Yorkshire" von André Linke erschienen. Der erste der voraussichtlich fünf Romane trägt den Titel "Angriff der Flukes" und ist hauptsächlich auf Jugendliche ausgerichtet. Er hat 330 Seiten und ist für 11,50 € beispielsweise bei Amazon erhältlich. Leseprobe gibt es hier."




October 6, 2006

Thanx to all the fans from Mannheim, Hamburg, Rendsburg, Lübeck, Neumünster, Einfeld & Kiel who attended our live gig in Trauma / Traumgmbh on 5.X.2006!!!

Mike by Peter P 

Mirror by Peter P 

Mike, Leif, Fans 2006 by Niina


October 3, 2006

The Russian Mirror site is opened now, please visit it at

A new remix of Mirror's ballad Nuclear Sky (from the upcoming Heart Of Ice single) featuring Leif Astroid [Jubilee*, The Pleasures] and BAT [Radkick] has been published on

Support act for Mirror's live gig on 5. October 2006 in Trauma (Kiel, Germany) has been confirmed: Check the official press release, scrolling down there:


July 6, 2006

Next Mirror Gigs

July 21, 2006 - Haus 73 (theater week)
Schulterblatt 73,
Hamburg, Germany
** MIKE BREEZE + Leif Astroid **
acoustic theatric show!

October 5, 2006 - Traumfabrik
Grasweg 19,
Kiel, Germany
Mirror finally appear live as a full band to rock YOU again!
Special guests will appear...
Support: Radkick, CospiratoR.
Entry => 5 Euro.



June 26, 2006

RED DYE as the first CD single from "Shocking Debut" has been released on 26. June 2006 featuring 3 bonus audio tracks and 2 bonus video tracks.

(The bonus tracks are not available on the upcoming album SHOCKING DEBUT.)

The track listing is:

< audio >

1 - RED DYE (Breeze)
2 - ALONE (Andarmani)
3 - WHEN FLUKES ATTACK (Breeze) * from Crystal Yorkshire soundtrack
4 - THE LITTLE BATTLE (Linke & Breeze) * from Crystal Yorkshire soundtrack

< video for computer >

1 - SHOCKING DEBUT short promo film
2 - GOLDEN BLUES bass intro recording in the studio


Shops that sell Mirror CDs, DVDs & merchandising:
Trash rock & punk Shop - Marktstr. 142, 20357, Hamburg, Germany
Zig Zag - Arbatskaja - Moscow, Russia
Rock Arsenal - Kurskaja - Moscow, Russia
Oleg Ride (Russian Mirror partner)
also check out Your local store or or
for special wish / buying, You can also ask directly:



June 17, 2006

Thanx to all the fans and the involved for the perfect first Moscow gig of the MIKE & LEIF team yesterday!!!

You ruled.

But today's (second) gig in Mytichi is cancelled due to technical problems at the location.

But we will be back!

to be continued...



May 14, 2006

Mirror Tour Dates are out!

June 5, 2006 - Pony Bar
Allendeweg 1,
Hamburg, Germany
* M + L TOUR * (MIKE Breeze + LEIF Astroid)
Acoustic versions of hits of Mirror, Jubilee* and some visual rock / visual kei cover surprises...
Pony Bar is a cozy club near the famous Hamburg university.
Entry => free.

June 16, 2006 - Mir Prikluchenij (Club Adventure)
staryj Arbat 20,
Moscow, Russia
* M + L TOUR * (MIKE Breeze + LEIF Astroid)
Acoustic versions of hits of Mirror, Jubilee* and some visual rock / visual kei cover surprises... Mir Prikluchenij is a club in the centre of Moscow, at the famous Arbat!
MIKE + LEIF play at 19:00.
Entry => 200 roubles.

June 17, 2006 - LasTochka
Novomytischinsky prospekt 52,
Mytichi, Moscow, Russia
* M + L TOUR * (MIKE Breeze + LEIF Astroid)
Acoustic versions of hits of Mirror, Jubilee* and some visual rock / visual kei cover surprises...
LasTochka is the top-rated Mytischi club with a small scene, big dance poll and nice interior.
MIKE + LEIF play at 21:00
Entry => 100 roubles for girls, 200 roubles for guys.

October 5, 2006 - Traumfabrik
Grasweg 19,
Kiel, Germany
Mirror finally appear live as a full band to rock YOU again!
Special guests will appear...
Support: Radkick, Erben Des Zorns, CospiratoR.
Entry => 5 Euro.

April 28, 2006

There is a new Mirror interview (in English) available here:


February 9, 2006

There is a new Mike Breeze interview available here:


February 2, 2006

New audio samples from the upcoming Mirror releases are online
in the music section now. Some more of them will be added when
the album comes out.

The current status is that the both singles, the album, the DVD and
the merchandising are now scheduled to be out on sale in Spring 2006.

Please don't disturb the shops in the shop list with requests
until the exact release dates are set officially.

Any possible work is being done to make it possible.
Keep Your fingers crossed for a release soon.

The releases will feature many exciting collaborations and visuals.
Stay tuned for more information.
2006 will bring many surprises to You and to Mirror...


October 18, 2005

On Halloween 2005 - 31. October, Monday - the beloved team will be on stage again: Leif Astroid (Jubilee*, the Pleasures) featuring special guest Mike Breeze (Mirror) will play a special unplugged show in the Pony Bar at the university, Allende-Platz 1, Hamburg, Germany. Everybody is welcome!


October 7, 2005

On 6. October 2005, Mirror rocked Berlin together with The Pleasures and Roadtrip.
As encore, the headliner Mirror almost traidionally performed "Heart Of Ice" with
The Pleasures'/Jubilee*'s Leif Astroid on guest vocals.


Septemer 11, 2005

The MIRROR PIANO GIG on September 10, 2005 featured:

Mike Breeze on piano,

Leif Astroid (the Pleasures, Jubilee*) as guest singer on "Heart Of Ice"

and Janus Psy (ex-Sinphony, ex-Amyanka) as guest singer on "Nuclear Sky" & "Solitary Shrine" from Mike's and Janus's joint project Perfect Problem.


September 7, 2005

After Mirror's well-accepted "Shocking Debutour", the "Shocking Debutour Final" will take place:

The "PIANO GIG" featuring special guests on 10. September 2005, Saturday, at 20:30,
KulturForum / Stadtgalerie / Neues Rathaus, Kiel, Germany.
(Support will be Malte Ruhmann & the Guardian Angels at 19:30.)

On 1. October 2005, Saturday, at 20:00,
MIRROR plays live in Jugend-Freizeit-Heim Wittorf in Wuehrenbeksweg 37, Neumunster, Germany.
(Other bands at this regular "ON STAGE" event are Lonesome George, Two Hot Minutes and No Thing.)

On 6. October 2005, Thursday, at approximately 20:30,
MIRROR plays live in Slaugherhouse in Berlin, Germany:
Kulturfabrik, Lehrter Strasse 35. e.V.
(Co-headlining with the Pleasures, support will be Roadtrip.)



July 19, 2005

Work in progress

Mike has given his beloved bass into the hands of the known artist Christian Friedrich. As it can be seen on the pictures, the instrument is being embelished with custom design, as wished by Mike Breeze.

The artist Christian Friedrich ist the person, also known as doctor Charly Nonsense in the song "Sometimes". Ex-bar-owner Christian also had offered his rock'n'roll club location Sanatorium for "Red Dye" video clip shooting and designed the "Shocking Videbut" DVD cover.



July 14, 2005

Mirror Sheet Music and Merchandise on Sale Now

After many requests for Mirror sheet music notebooks, a book with Mirror's music is finally released by mirror records / mirror publishing.

The book "Mike Breeze MIRROR ON PIANO" is out on sale now and features the piano score for Mirror's "Golden Blues" written by Mike Breeze.

After the CD-album's upcoming release in summer, the book will be available in the same shops as the album.

Also available now:
Mirror merchandase: Mirror T-shirts, Mirror teddy bears, Mirror cups, Mirror post cards, Mirror stickers.

All items available on tour now.

July 4, 2005

Mirror's Shocking Debut short film online now in the music section for free download.

Upcoming Mirror tour dates (Shocking Debutour Final)

The "PIANO GIG" featuring special guests
on 10. September 2005, Saturday, at 20:30,
KulturForum / Stadtgalerie / Neues Rathaus, Kiel, Germany.
(Support will be Malte Ruhmann & the Guardian Angels at 19:30.)

On 1. October 2005, Saturday, at 20:00,
MIRROR plays live in Jugend-Freizeit-Heim Wittorf
in Wuehrenbeksweg 37, Neumunster, Germany.
(Other bands at this regular "ON STAGE" event are
Lonesome George, Two Hot Minutes and No Thing.)

On 6. October 2005, Thursday, at approximately 20:30,
MIRROR plays live in Slaugherhouse in Berlin, Germany:
Kulturfabrik, Lehrter Strasse 35. e.V.
(Co-headlining with the Pleasures, support will be Roadtrip.)

March 14, 2005
Due to re-construction works at the studio, the release date of Mirrors new CD / DVD is postponed from June to August 2005.

To make the long wait more bearable for the fans, the decision has been made to update the download section of the Mirror web site.

New download available to show some fresh colors of the new upcoming releases...

The audio work-in-progress mix of "Red Dye" is a preview of the "Red Dye" single, expected to be released in July 2005.

This version is a rough mix and not completely mastered yet. But this single preview might give a hint to the audience of what the song is like.

The band (Mirror) hopes that people will buy the single even after downloading this early preview version for free.

There will be some additional recording, cutting, mixing and mastering prior to the singles and albums release.


December 14, 2004
Mirrors live gig in Kulturforum on 10th December was recorded on video by 3 cameras for possible inclusion of some songs onto the upcoming "Shocking Videbut" DVD in 2005.

However, the concert kicked off with a spontaneus short rendition of Panteras "Walk" as a tribute to Dimebag Darrel (guitarist of Pantera and Damageplan) who was tragically killed by a shooter at a Damageplan on 8th December in Ohio.

Official statement from Mike Breeze:

"I did not want to write anything on this topic, because almost every rock musician in the world commented on it already, much better than I can, but then I realised that it is my duty not to remain silent on this tragedy. Dimebag was a cheerful positive guy and one of the most influential guitarists in the world. His death hit me really hard as if I was a member of his family. In fact, I was, in some way, as a Pantera and Damageplan fan. Ramin was also shocked and upset by this awful event. Our love goes to Dimebag as well as Vinnie and the rest of Dimes family and friends. Dime, we will never forget You!
Keep on rocking with Freddie, hide, Bonham, Lennon and the rest of the heavens crew!
Dimebag - rest in peace!


October 6, 2004
Unfortunately, a live stage has not been built in KIR in Hamburg
until now, due to technical problems with eqipment.
It means that Mirror / Jubilee* / Coalescene live gig
in KIR on October 19th, 2004 is cancelled.
But the KIR management was so kind to find a replacement gig
for the bands:

On November 15th, 2004, Monday,
Mirror, Jubilee* and Coalescene will play live
in the PONY BAR at the university in Hamburg, Germany.
Pony Bar, Allende-Platz 1, Ecke Grindelhof, HH.

Everyone is welcome!

So, after re-scheduling some of the dates,
Mirror would like to release the following plan of the upcoming shows:..

the rest of the SHOCKING DEBUTOUR 2004 -
November 15, Monday - Pony Bar, Allende-Platz 1, Hamburg.
November 27, Saturday - on TV Kiel channel (live + interview).
December 10, Friday - KulturForum, Stadtgalerie, Kiel.

SHOCKING DEBUTOUR FINAL GIG 2005 - (with piano + special guests) -
September 10, Saturday - KulturForum, Stadtgalerie, Kiel.

September 15, 2004
Mirrors live gig in Kulturforum in Kiel was postponed (due to technical reasons) from September 18, 2004 (Saturday) to December 10, 2004 (Friday). The other dates remain as scheduled.
September 11, 2004
After a successful live performance at the Freevival Festival in Kiel, Mirror continue the SHOCKING DEBUTOUR 2004 as planned, the next gigs being September 18 in Kulturforum in Kiel and October 19 in Kir in Hamburg-Altona.

As a special promotion act for the upcoming SHOCKING DEBUT album Mirror decided to make an appearence (live, interview, etc...) on KIEL TV station on November 27, 2004, Saturday at approximately 20:00 West European Time. KIEL TV can be received via cable TV on channel 9 and simultaneously on radio 101.2 Kiel FM.

Everybody in Northern Germany should be able to receive KIEL TV without farther investigations on their normal TV sets.

Also a SHOCKING DEBUTOUR FINAL piano gig with special guests
is planned for May 7, 2005, Saturday, in Kulturforum in Kiel, Germany.

June 20, 2004
Mirror are ready to announce the SHOCKING DEBUTOUR:
August 13, 2004, Friday: Freevival Festival, Kiel, Germany.
September 18, 2004, Saturday: Kulturforum, Kiel, Germany.
October 19, 2004, Tuesday: Kir, Hamburg-Altona, Germany.

The gig on October19 is scheduled to feature 2 support acts for Mirror:
Jubilee [] & Coalescene [].

However, hardships recording the album SHOCKING DEBUT forced Mirror to delay the albums long anticipated release from August to late Autumn 2004.
The simultaneous work on 2 preceeding singles and a DVD add more hardships, but the involved are sure to have the products out yet in 2004 before Winter.


June, 2004
New photos have been posted to our gallery. Check them out »
May, 2004
Mike Breeze visits New York to shoot some photos with photographers Alfia Sadekova, Alsu Sadekova, Sylu Sadekova and Roman Abelis, and also to sign a successful distribution deal for upcoming Mirror releases and mechandasing with which is the oldest independent rock, metal & gothic music store in New York as old as 30 odd years.
After being involved with Extreme Shop, Dark Age and Lost&Found in Germany, Mirror have finally a fabulous distribution shop in America being Bleecker Bobs in New York.

Mirror's plan for the Summer is to finish recording the album with Stefan Walter mixing and shooting some video clips with Oliver Rost as director. Also a photo session with photographers Christian & Denise is planned. All rhythm pilot programming with click track as well as piano final tracks have already been recorded some time ago.

The album and its singles is supposed to be released as a mirror records effort, with either the German label Bear Records or the German label Red Green Music helping out with the official concerns.

Release dates currently scheduled for late August / early September 2004.

After a long concentrated search, the new ultimate Mirror drummer has been found. He is a full member of Mirror now. On the album he will be involved not only as drummer, but also as co-writer and backing vocalist, just like all Mirror members. His name is Christian Weidner. He already played drums with Mirror at the last gig with Jubilee in Hamburg in April 2004. New photos available...

On 13th August 2004, Mirror have been invited to play live at a Freevival rock festival in Kiel, Germany. Mirror are scheduled to play as co-headliners, pre-last at approx. 22:30. Visit the festival's site at:

The October Mirror gig in Kir, Hamburg-Altona, has been secured with 2 support acts for Mirror being Jubilee and Coalescene
The latter band (Coalescene) also plan to remix Mirror's new version of "You Can't Hide" from Mirror's long awaited upcoming album "Shocking Debut".
April 2, 2004
Miror play Schaubude in Kiel, Germany together with the rock band from Hamburg called Jubilee* and electro-pop / gothic EBM band from Neumünster/Hamburg called Coalescene Mirror's new drummer is Ian Weid. He is the best possible replacement for Mirror's drummer for this concert. He is supposed to become Mirror's full-time new member. After the gig Mirror plan to continue recording the upcoming album.

February 21, 2004
Mike Breeze was invited to sing backing vocals for the song "Love Of My Live" at a Queen musical in Kiel, Germany. It was a great show and a tribute to a great rock band.