Are you sick and tired of the Windows' startup and shutdown screens? Do you want to express your creative artistic abilities in constructive image mutilation? If so, read on to find out how. If the process is a weeee bit over your head, read Van Wolverton's MS_DOS 5.0 book, or use the soon-to-be-written program soon-to-be-supplied(coming soon) to automate the process. If image-editors are not your thing, of there's a little snow on the roof, check out the pictures we have prefabricated for you below.

As for the concept, it breaks down like this: the Windows' startup and shutdown screens are not but index-colour bitmaps (pictures) whose extentions for some inexplicable reason, Microsoft (probably to deter creative minds) changed to .sys. Anyway, the files' functionality is as follows: c:\logo.sys is the main startup screen, c:\windows\logow.sys is the "Please wait while Windows is shutting down" screen, and c:\windows\logos.sys is "It is now safe to turn off your computer" screen.

1. Find logo.sys, logow.sys and logos.sys on your computer. They most likely are in your C:\Windows\ directory. They might be hidden, so you may have to set your folder options to "Display all files".
2. Make copies of them to a floppy for backup purposes.
3. Rename the files on your computer to files with .bmp extention. (You have to do this in DOS, because Windows won't let you rename these files). In order to do that, start DOS prompt and type
copy c:\windows\logow.sys c:\windows\logow.bmp
copy c:\windows\logos.sys c:\windows\logos.bmp
copy c:\logo.sys c:\logo.bmp.
To activate every command, press Enter after you finish typing it. To exit DOS type Exit.
4. Open up the files in your favourite bitmap editor (Paint or Photoshop will work nice) and mutilate them to your satisfaction.
Note: The files will only work if they are in 256-colour 8-bit per channel index palette. If you did not change the colour mode, you should be fine. Otherwise before saving your new pictures, convert them to index mode.
5. When the files are unrecognizable, rename them back to their original extentions. To do that you need to go back to DOS prompt and type
copy c:\windows\logow.bmp c:\windows\logow.sys
copy c:\windows\logos.bmp c:\windows\logos.sys
copy c:\logo.bmp c:\logo.sys.
Note: DOS will tell you that these files already exist and will ask you if you want to overwrite them. Say yes. When you are done with all three files, exit DOS.
6. Now reboot your computer and watch your artwork come to life.

The program you would need to install the pictures if all stuff you've read doesn't make sense. MustDie.exe
File Size
Preview - three .sys files designed to imitate the Matrix. Visit The Matrix website.

223Kb - three .sys files designed to convey the thrill of Rock-n-Roll to the unsuspecting masses.
176Kb - three .sys files designed to serve as a reminder of the Microsoft power.
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