Grave Yard

Here you will find all the Bands which are sadly no longer with us. Let's look around:

Astarte: An wonderful ethereal band which was fronted by Danishka Esterhazy, it's other members (to the best of my memory) were Mimi (drums), Veronica (Keyboards), and I'd swear there was one other person who played the bass. I'll have to contact Danishka about these details.
Anyway, they were around for about 2 or 3 years at least (during which Danishka also hosted a radio program on CKUW) and were the first band I had booked for our night Wellingtons (I recall another local band, Nemo, opened for them), and it was a Great Show!
We have one of their tunes, 'My Last Duke', on one of our earlier Ogremind Mix CDs (absolutely beautiful song).

BoldFace Industry - One of Winnipegs original Industrial Bands, Boldface Industry was composed of members Darren Johnston (programming/vocals), Roland Sawatzky (Vocals), and Shawn Dudar (Guitar). They released their CD , Storm, in 1995, and an EP, Zone 1, in 1999. On Youtube, you'll find a sample of their stuff at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tH6paFzyFU.
Another fellow member was Rob Shallcross (producer/engineer/musician as well as being a member of Immortal Possession, Buddha Belly, Matricide and Epptide) would later create Reversed Records, a label based out of Winnipeg Manitoba "whose sole purpose is to showcase Rob's insanity!" Rob Shallcross' accomplishments include: 2003 - Juno Award, engineer. 2002 - Prairie Music Award, engineer, and worked with many talented artists including Strapping Young Lad, Gwar, Devin Townsend Band, and Fear Factory.

Ciara's Tears - A rather moody and atmospheric group, this band involved one Steve Baria (hopefully I'll eventually get the names of the other members), and I recall they played at a couple of events I had some years ago, one of which was The Dead of Winter event in early 2000. Pity they broke up. They were really unique I thought.

Europa - Canada's First New Wave band is formed right here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Members were Russ Psooy (vocals), Ian Thorlakson (vocals, synths) and Nick Muruve (synths), and they were EXCELLENT. Europa's music was heavily influenced by the European new wave, and in terms of Style, they had it in spades. The band didnt issue any recordings, and only played locally, but are noteworthy for being one of the first Canadian bands, along with Rational Youth, to forego guitars and rely entirely upon synths and drum machines to make their music. Two songs, "Turn Back Away" and "Syntax and Semantics" can be found on youtube. Another youtube track, "Simple Song", was performed in a TV appearance on Technomode in 1984.A good place to start looking for stuff about them is http://www.last.fm/music/Europa.

Nasty Teeth - Once managed by our scenes Richard Payne, these guys totally rocked with legendary force. They were around from the late 70's to late 80's......I think. Richard, if you're reading this, could you give us a hand with the tombstone? Uh..the only thing I can recall offhand about them is a gig they did at the West End Cultural Centre where a fight broke out among the band members on stage right in the middle of a performance. if legend is correct, there was an axe to grind between the guitarist and drummer.
During a song, the guitarist drops his instrument, walked over to the drummer and the slugfest began. The crowd loved it since they thought it was part of the show. WECC stafffer, Thom Sparling, came away with minor injuries after jumping in to stop the brawl.
Ah, the memories!
As a passing note, a friend of ours, Michelle, informs us: "The guitar player for this infamous and defunct band, Conrad Campbell (who I believe is the only surviving member of the band), has a blog. http://firesidestories.wordpress.com/
You might find his "True Stories" section interesting."

NEPHTHYS - A Goth Band in the truest sense of the word, this musical entity was created in late January 2006 by a couple of gentlemen by the names of Gabriel Black (Guitars & Vocals) and Stacy Gaudreau (Keyboards). Its one and only goal was to actively revive the Gothic Rock scene in Winnipeg. Before releasing (or performing) anything, they unfortunately dissolved by 2007. Gabriel went on to become DJ z3r0, and sPyKe (Stacy's Band name) did a solo thing with Artificial Harmony for a while til he moved on to building music synthesizer circuits and dabbles in Sound Architecture, and is now Hex Inverter on Facebook.

Scavenger Vacuum - One of the coolest Industrial Bands to have existed in Winnipeg, and I'm not just saying that because I happened to be a member. The band started off as Ultraviolent Sensory Attack in 1992 and consisted of John Turner (vocals, keyboards), Chris Manicome (Drums, Bass), Chris Hiebert (guitar), and Al (keyboard, tape loops). At that time I was involved in one of the most Gawd Awful, cliche ridden musical pieces of shit to ever stink up the stage of the West End Cultural Centre (but that's another story which I cannot go into without flying into fits of swearing). John and Al approached me and invited me to join their group which I happily did, and we then became Scavenger Vacuum, and it was Bloody Great!!!! The peak was the Hallowe'en goth party called "A Gathering Of Vampires" which was held at the West End Cultural Centre October 29th of '93. We opened for Undertek and headliners The Ballroom Zombies. An awesome night!!! Sadly, some things are too cool to last, and thus were we. Rest In Peace, Scavy Vac!!!

Vigoramity - A musical project formed by local Industrial Musician, Adam Johnstone who currently splits his time between Kazzoshay & his Solo project, The Baron. It afterwards included Meghan Bergeron as vocalist. Together they made some excellent music among which was their extremely cool cover of Yaz's "Too Pieces" (this tune sooooooo rocks!!!). I've had the honour and privelege of Vigoramity performing at one of my events years ago, and he did a great show despite the technical problems we were having with the system (sorry about that, Dude).
The Official Site is here: mandais.tripod.com and you can hear some of their music here: www.audiostreet.net/vigoramity
Also check out: www.newmusiccanada.com