On this page our goal is to compile a more or less accurate history of the Goth scene in our fair city. I do not profess to know everything so assistance will be greatly appreciated.
If you have any information you wish to add, then by all means e-mail me at ogremind@hotmail.com.
Now then, without further adieu (did I spell that right?)......

1981 - Our Friend, Paul R, contributes: "Nash the Slash opened for Iggy Pop (!) in I think 81 at the Playhouse. Nash was better than Iggy IMHO who was smacked out and just wanted people to beat him up." Yours Truly was also at that show. Nash was AMAZING!

Late 81 or early 82 - Paul R informs us: "A defining goth/electro pop show was Moev in I think late 81 or early 82. Great show. A Winnipeg act opened can't remember who but they were like college profs with synthesizers."

1982 - The Cure plays at Wellingtons. Roman Panchyshyn, who currently runs Wild Planet, is the fellow who brought them here. In between songs, Robert Smith has to put up with assholes shouting "PLAY SOME LED ZEPPELIN, FUCK!!!" Ah, Winnipeg.

1982 - Paul R: "Gotham Café opened in 1982 I believe. Similar to Blue Note. Strange dude who ran Gotham. Was in old building in exchange district. We went there a lot." Thank You, Paul!

1981-198? - Dan Pachet, an extremely cool guy who wasn't able to get a show on public radio for the music he wanted to play, took his act to VPW, Winnipegs local access community station and called the program ALTERNATIVE ROCKSTAND!!! An amazing show, he played all the weird & obscure stuff which the regular radio wouldn't touch. Among the musical guests who had erformed
in it were The Chocolate Bunnies From Hell, Johnny Zhivago, and local punk legends The Stretch Marks. I had the pleasure of meeting this Television DJ twice, and Dan, if you're reading this, Dan,
PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!! I want this listing to be accurate, and you and your show deserve proper credit.

1983? - Europa, Canada's First New Wave band (or does the title belong to Images In Vogue?) is formed in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With Russ Psooy (vocals), Ian Thorlakson (vocals, synths) and Nick Muruve (synths), Europa's style was heavily influenced by the European new wave. The band didnt issue any recordings, and only played locally, but are noteworthy for being one of the first Canadian bands, along with Rational Youth, to forego guitars and rely entirely upon synths and drum machines to make their music. Two songs, "Turn Back Away" and "Syntax and Semantics" can be found on youtube.

April 8, 1983 - Thank you Paul R for this: "Rational Youth played Wellington's. They even released a live album of it. My friends and I were in high school and we actually roadie'd all their equipment for free admission. They had a shit ton of equipment! Pretty sure Roman P sponsored it. We hung out at Impulse all the time."
Opening for them was New Man Celebration, a Winnipeg avant-garde band who, as described in the links below, "pioneered new wave music to mostly inhospitable audiences in Winnipeg bars"
Gotta respect them for that. Thank you, Simon Helm for the providing the following links below:

May 25, 1983 - The Stranglers performed at the Playhouse Theatre. Excellent show!!!! Wall of Voodoo were scheduled to open for them, but for whatever reason, they didn't show and thus local Synth Rock guys, Johnny Zhivago, played in their place. I remember Zhivago doing a great rendition of Lords of The New Churchs "Open Your Eyes". DO NOT confuse these guys with the London rock group which goes under the same name.

1984 - Nash the Slash opened for The Spoons at the Marlburough. Thanks to our friend Simon H for the general information ("it was a pretty defining moment"), and we thank Marina for the actual date & location.

June 1, 1984 - Thomas Dolby brings his Flat Earth Tour to the Centennial Concert Hall. Special Guest was Playground X as the opening act. Word is that this was an amazing show. (Thanks to Richard for this addition to the History section)

December 19, 1985 - Skinny Puppy perform at The Winnipeg Art Gallery. According to our Friend, Jay (Thanks by the way),
Alternative Rockstand broadcasted this gig live on local TV. As Jay explains, "additional material from the mid-80s was added to the cd release of Back and Forth. I'm guessing the "intro" track on the cd came from the Le Rendevou show you mention, as it reflected the more brapped-out sound the band had once Dwayne joined.

January 1986 - Skinny Puppy perform a second time at The Winnipeg Art Gallery (Again, thanks to Jay for this spec). Skinny Puppy and Severed Heads (with opening act Just Ducky - yah Eve!) played Le Rendevous. As our friend Richard explains: "Skinny Puppy played at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in or around 1984. But, the reason I'm thinkin' it was 1984 was that their Back and Forth CD was a collection recordings from 81-84, and it included the 'Intro (Live in Winnipeg)' as track one, so it must have been recorded at the Art Gallery show (well before the Le Rendevous show)." Thanks, Richard!

July 1986 - Flock of Seagulls play at the Centennial Concert Hall (Thank you Joan for bringing this to our attention). Can anyone remember who opened for them?

December 12, 1986 - The Mentors bring their Rape Rock to Wellingtons. The place was packed, and so was the street outside as activists gathered to protest the show. As our friend, Kevin (WHO WAS THERE) tells us, "violence did break out during the show, one downtown scum regular came over from the pool tables and started to punch Rob Clark in the face because he was dancing by himself. Somebody threw a beer bottle at El Duce and just missed his head. Somebody punched El duce in the head when the band finished playing and one of the knight brothers kicked the fuck out of glen dunitz. Nobody got stabbed, there was no raid and the place didn't get shut down. Harry and abe wouldn't do the show on the following night because of threats of more violence even though we offered to hire an actual cop to work the gig in uniform. On the saturday night The Mentors went to see Metallica at the playhouse because they were friends and Hetfield told the crowd they were going to see the mentors at wellingtons after the show. There was bound to be more violence but it probably would have been outside.
My friend Andy Siveri used to talk to sickie on the phone all the time so one day we asked them if they would play in Winnipeg if we flew them up and they said sure, that's how it happened. We did a three way split with mike lambert and we all made zip, including the band but we kept them drunk and stoned all weekend."
Thank you, Kevin!
More details of this infamous night can be found here http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/historic/33163299.html

As Our Friend Paul R tells us: "I was at the Mentors show at Wellington's. Pretty accurate description. Hetfield definitely showed up and I shook his hand. The night ended in a bar wide brawl. Overall it was stupid and ended shows at Wellingtons which sucked. Not worth it."

1987 - Jim Cebrowski makes Winnipeg Goth History by starting an Alternative night on saturdays at Wellingtons. Managed by a good friend, Phil, the evening placed emphasis on goth (also at the time referred to as "Cold Wave") and industrial. With DJ John/Skid/DJ Morpheus, they set the template from which everything would eventually follow. I was there for that first night, and it changed me forever!! I was blown away that there was a club where I could actually hear all the stuff which up til then, I only listened to at home or at a friends. To finally find that kind of setting was spiritually liberating!!!

1986 - 1987 - Scandals Fun Club was a full out alternative night club with DJ Dapper Dave. Then from 1987 to 1988, DJ Platinum John would run it, after which it turned mainstream.

1988? - Club DVA, another Roman Panchyshyn /Simon Helm/Peter P project, was an itinerant club which split up and grew into Ground Zero and then the Love Bomb. Thanks for the info, Simon.

1988-1989 - Somewhere around this time there was an after hours place called The Chameleon which would later change its name to The Cauldron. Started by Lloyd Thomas & Eric Angel, it was a punk joint located on the top floor of 72 Princess Ave (The old IOOF Hall). Thanks to Liberty for bringing this to memory, and thank you especially to Farrah for giving us the location details & the names of the Cauldrons Creators. This posting is to honour Lloyd who had recently passed away this July 2012. As Farrah tells us, "As to why it ended? Not totally sure, but the arts are always a crapshoot."
She adds an anecdote: No Means No played the Cauldron on a Tuesday. After they were paid, the night's profits were $3. They did, however, take Lloyd to the Vendome afterwards for breakfast. We hope to eventually get specifics as to when it opened, how long it ran, and why it ended.

1988-1989 - There was also a short lived place called the Circuit Nightclub which was located where Teasers is now, had cool bands and djs.

1989? - The Chameleon club, an after hours venue ran for a while. A cool place from what I heard.

198? - Wednesday at Scandals with DJ John were apparently the nights to remember in the old days. Need to get more information about this.

1990 - Roman Panchyshyn (currently running Wild Planet) opens Love Bomb - an all ages alternative bar, where I was bartender for a while. Located next to the Blue Note, it was a very cool place, which gradually became Winnipeg's first rave spot.

January 1990 - April 1990 - The Webb Nightclub opened for a while downtown. It was an alternative music night featuring DJ Brian St. Clair & DJ Jason Oberlander. They spun classic Depeche Mode, Cure, New Order, and Nitzer Ebb. Typically an Old School Night while Wellingtons down the street was a bit more hardcore with the Skinny Puppy and Ministry by DJ Skid(later known as DJ Morpheus). It was pretty awesome while it lasted. Thank you, Brian for this info!

January, 1991 - Alternative Music Nights return to Scandals Fun Club under the direction of DJ Brian St. Clair and became the place to be on Mondays with occassional guest DJ Todd Jarema. It lasted for quite a while and was very succesful in introducing the University crowd to the some cool music. The club has since changed it's name numerous times, but it's a part of the Norlander Hotel on 1792 Pembina.

May 31, 1992 - Alien Sex Fiend played at The Spectrum. AND I WAS THERE TO SEE THEM!!! YES!!! (And where in Bleeding Hades were the rest of you?!!!)

1993 - Wellingtons becomes The Crypt (Winnipegs first and only fetish bar).

1995 - Having made his statement With the Crypt now resting in peace (SOB!!) Daemon goes on to his next project - Winnipegs Ultimate Alternative Bar, Die Maschine. Wednesday is Goth Night! First manifestation of Ogremind would appear there.

1995 - Local Industrial band, Boldface Industry release their awesome CD, Storm.

Summer 1996 - DJ Count Zero (who had been doing the Goth Industrial Wednesday INTERFACE night at Die Maschine) leaves for BC. He recommends me to Die Maschine as his replacement. It shocked the bloody Hell out of me. Anyway, Ogremind was thus born.

October 12, 1996 - The Butthole Surfers play the Le Rendezvous. A most memorable show in which the band went on almost the instant that doors opened, and played a roughly 30 minute set, reportedly finishing just around 10:30, after which the majority of the crowd showed up. Quite the number of people had bought tickets for the sold out show, and found they had missed it when they arrived.

October 26, 1996 - The First Black & Blue Ball takes place at Ozzies. Created by Master Bryan, Mistress Vanilla, and Master Payne (among others), it featured the band, Psychotic Gardening and yours truly as DJ.

1997 - Ogremind is resurrected (How Goth!!!) at Wellingtons, on Fridays. Thanks completely to Elizabeth Cudmore who was managing the place at the time, and gave us the chance. She went through soooooo much crap down there (as did ANYONE who ever worked for Harry) , and we appreciate what she did for us. The Scene owes you so much, Beth!!!! THANK YOU!!!

1998 - The Crypt has been resurrected (How can you get more Goth than that?!!!) as a Goth/Fetish/Leather/Body Art Shop. Not the Night Club we so fondly remember, but it's cool none the less!!!

December 10, 1998 - Mediaeval Baebes play at the Walker Theatre. God, they were hot!!! And that rendition of the song from The Wicker Man......

1999 - The Misfits play at Les Rendezvous. Local Band, The Horribles, opens for them (All Right, Andy!!!!) Thanks for the tip, Robbie.

October 6, 1999 - Prairie Darkness, Winnipegs first goth egroups list (and if not the first, it was certainly the pre-dominant one) is started by our friend, Cara.

October 29, 1999 - The first HellNight is held at Wellingtons. Fantastic turn out, stressful like you would not believe, but it was all worth it. We showed the city what it was capable of!!! By WE I mean EVERYONE IN THE SCENE. WE KNEW THE SCENE WAS STRONG, AND WE MADE THE EVENING!!!!! EVERYONE OF US!!!

New Years Eve, 1999 at Wellingtons - 2000 came, and.......NOTHING HAPPENED!!! Whutthufuk? Where was the Angel of Death? What happened with the Millenium Bug? What, no Anti-Christ? How anti-climatic!!!! BUT VR ROCKED THE PLACE!!! It would be their second performance ever since their mindblowing first gig a month earlier with us.

March 10, 2000 - Gitane Demone nearly played at The Royal Albert. Medical problems caused the show to be cancelled (Bloody Hell!!!).

June 2000 - I finally get off my arse and create this website. Ogremind still continues at Wellingtons. For the Love of Goth indeed!!!

2001 - The Final Death Blow to Wellingtons: There was a Sunday one summer when I was DJing for a Fashion show, and quite the event it was. Before the doors opened, one of the models went to the bartender to notify him that a toilet in the womans washroom (where they were dressing) was overflowing. Without a word or pause, the bartender reached down behind the bar and passed her a plunger.
Ahem....This was a professional model who was brought in from Calgary, and they expected her to plunger shit from their toilet. without a word, she handed back the plunger, went back to the "Dressing Room" and had a fit. in the week after the show, the health board and liqour commission BOTH came to visit all at once and shut the place down for (among other things) various health violations in the womens washroom. It's strongly belived that before the model headed off back to Calgary, she left Harry a goodbye gift with reporting the place. Wellingtons would never re-open. The building is later sold, and the basement gutted.

Oct 31, 2003 - HellNight was cancelled, but Echo & The Bunnymen play at The Pyramid!!!

2003 - Local Musician Jeremy Pillipow produces and releases his own demo, "left alone to die" under the pseudonym "Distorted Memory" which would become the name by which he becomes known as. Working his ass off, he then creates a full length album "Beyond the Darkness" for Noitek records and becomes the most successful industrial ebm act to come out of Manitoba.

January 2004 - Industrial Evilution begins at The Purple Peanut (formerly called Ozzies) in the Osborne Village. An amazing evening of hardcore industrial spun by DJ Atom. Three months later, I was invited to co-DJ and the music became more diverse with Goth, Ethereal and Death Metal.

January 2004 - Sublight Records comes into existence. Local Artists on this label are Synkro and Venetian Snares.

January 2004 - Artificial Intelligence, Winnipeg's first all industrial/electro club night, opens at Die Maschine with DJ Aaron Rintoul. A valiant attempt, it would run 4 weeks. Aaron would later ignite Sublight Records, and speaking of which.....

Oct 5, 2004 - Ministry, thrill kill kult, hanzel und gretyl played the Burton Cummings theatre. I couldn't make it. SHIT!!!!! I heard that (In general) Hanzel Und Gretyl rocked, Thrill Kill was a bit lame, and Ministry were fantastic.

Oct 13, 2004 - KMFDM played at The Pyramid. Amazing show!!!! Had a blast!!! It was also extremely nice and generous of the band to continue their performance after some Waste of Flesh threw a glass at them.

Oct 29, 2004 - With our sponsor, The Crypt, We celebrate our return to Friday Nights at Die Maschine with HELLNIGHT 2004. Amazing crowd, and I thank everyone who showed up. Escepcially the guy dressed as Captain Spaulding (You F***ING RULED, MAN!!!!)

Nov 20, 2004 - Gwar bloody up The Pyramid....and I don't recall seeing a single review of the show.

February 2005 - At the urgings of our friend, Jenya (who refined this site), I drag my ass out of the coma and ressurrect the website. and now it's March and I'm trying like Bloody Hell to update this thing.

April 23, 2005 - PHANTOMPALOOZA!!!! 30th Anniversary Celebration of Brian de Palmas "Phantom of The Paradise" opening in Winnipeg. PHUCKING AMAZING IT WAS!!!! The entrance by special guests WILLIAM FINLEY and GERRIT GRAHAM was emotionally INTENSE. COMPLETE ROCK STAR STATUS!!!! I screamed my lungs out in a standing ovation alongside with the other 500 people packed into the theatre!!!! Jessica Harper (Phoenix, looking as lovely as she ever has) could not attend, but made a touching recorded "Hello" to us. I can't say it enough!!! PHUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!! Bloody Hell, we WERE in The Paradise!!!! Say what you want, to me THIS WAS THE FIRST GOTH ROCK MOVIE!!!!

Note: I made a complete stuttering fool of myself when I met and got autographs from the two GODS OF ROCK MUSICALS. "It's an honour to meet the Professor of Spartanetics 101" I stammered to Gerrit", who PHUCKING ROCKS!!!! For any Geeks out there, it was in reference to a character he was in another Brian de Palma movie he was in with Kirk Douglas, "Home Movies". Somehow, I got the faint impression that Gerrit would rather forget that film was ever made (I know that Kirk Douglas had weird feelings about it as well). But that Movie was COOL!!!! Actually, either he would rather forget it, or perhaps he DID forget it and was wondering what the Bloody Hell the Freak in his face was talking about. Oh Bloody Hell. I feel so embarrassed!!!!

August 2005 - Local Scenester Brian Myhrie puts together what would be the first of the Grand Gothic Balls. He would later form the Elysium Social Club which is dedicated to bringing Live Acts to the city as well as putting on cool events like The Anti Socials.

Apr 29, 2006 - PHANTOMPALOOZA 2!!! Oh, how I wish I could have been to this. For this one, they went all out with bringing in Paul Williams, and a Juicy Fruits reunion as well!!! It's been reported to have been simply amazing, and Bloody Hell, how could it NOT be?!!

October 28, 2006 - Hellnight 2006 is a success, but it's also when DJ Evil Bastard officially retires from Ogremind. 10 years is long enough, and I finally found someone who could carry on the night. Our friend Rachel has been a regular and constant supporter of the scene and our night since Wellingtons. I'm now free to hold the odd event, and perform with my musical project, Groit.

April 23, 2007 - FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY PLAYED IN WINNIPEG!!! It was at The Pyramid Cabaret, and it was Fucking Unbelievable!!! 16 Volt and Acumen Nation had to cancell out, and thus did Distorted Memory and Synkro get to open!!! An astounding performance with a fantastic light show, the whole thing totally rocked!!! The recorded music doesn't do justice to the songs as I found out especially during Mindphaser. Awesome show, Bill, and thank you for signing the poster!!!! Jeremy, Distorted Memory never sounded better, and Synkro....bloody hell I got there late and missed your set, but I heard it was great!!!The crowd wasn't as big as when KMFDM were there, but then it was a monday, and quite a few couldn't make it out due to school work (Oh man, what you guys missed!!!). Our thanks to David McKeigan, Manager of The Pyramid, for bringing this to us, and to Bill Leeb for coming out here. To hear Vigilante live was INCREDIBLE!!! This was the best show I've ever attended next to Gary Numan in Minneapolis. Like with Gary, this was for me a religious experience!!!!!!

September 1st, 2007 - Die Maschine's Final Night, and it finished off with Ogremind's last night there. Another Chapter closes in our subculture's history. Along with Rachel and myself, we had DJs Pokey and the return of DJ Count Zero (If you read the history up to now, you know who he is), and a performance by Dorian's Gray. With the biggest turnout we've ever had, we gave away 50 copies of the Final Night CD, and played straight til 5 am. A sad day for us since we were all like family there, but there is a new venue coming up, and Hellnight 2008 is already in the works. Die Maschine is gone, but the scene lives on!!! We will, before the year ends, have a new place to haunt. Thanks to everyone who has supported Die Maschine/Chaos Chameleon. The Final Night was fantastic and it all happened because WE ALL MADE IT HAPPEN!!!

September 8th, 2007 - Mandee Hennessey approaches the management of Monty's Bar One and manages to convince them to give her idea of a Goth Night a try. Thus is born CRYPTIC CHAOS, a new Goth Night that kicks in Saturday Nights at Monty's Bar One on Pembina.
Hosted by Freak 107's DJ Dunc, it plays Rock, Alternative, Goth, Punk, and Industrial past and present. There is NO COVER, and the atmosphere is VERY cool. It's located at 2280 Pembina and is sponsored by The Crypt!!!!

December 31, 2007 - The Royal Albert Arms presents its final Night under the ownership of Wayne. It's a New Years Eve event to remember! More information later!

January 2, 2008 - With New Years Eve finished (and the night was completely sold out as it should have righteously so), Wayne hands the Royal Albert Arms to its new owner, and we all watch and wait to see what becomes of the building.

Nov. 7th, 2008 - Dark Kore, and Electro/Industrial night hosted by DJ Atom & DJ Raytch Aytch began at Ozzies, downstairs at the osborne Village Inn.

February 21, 2009 - Dark Kore holds its final night at Ozzys. Plans are made to re-establish at a different location.

Friday, November 20, 2009 - Due to financial difficulties (rumours say embezzlement), The Crypt shuts its doors, and the city loses another cool business. Daemon, it was great while it lasted : (

October 2009 - Hellnight 2009 sees the official introduction of DJ z3r0 to the Monty's crew. z3r0 is also a founding member of local winnipeg goth band, Nepthys.

February 27th, 2010 - DJ Raytch Aytch decides she prefers Industrial & EBM and quits Cryptic Chaos to concentrate solely on that side of the Gothic/Industrial Fence. On Facebook, she forms the Winnipeg Industrial Music Coalition which quickly grows in membership to 400 & counting. The First Event of the Coalition is Machinery of Joy which takes place later at Montys and features DJ Atom & DJ Jeremy (of Distorted Memory).

Saturday, April 24th, 2010 - Cryptic Chaos has its final night. Montys Bar One gets new owners who decide to have other plans for the place. The Final Night sees DJ Raytch Aytch in the Booth along with Evil Bastard & DJ z3r0. The night went extremely well. Everyone is sad to see us lose this place.

May, 2010 - Elysium Social Club is created. Its founding and incorporation as a non-profit organization supporting goth, industrial and ebm in Winnipeg.

Saturday, May 1st, 2010 - After Dark, a new Goth/Industrial night hosted by DJ z3r0, begins at Ozzys with DJ Evil Bastard guest Deejay every second saturday.

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 - Midi Ghetto Tour comes through Winnipeg. Performing at Ozzys that night were Chemlab, Left Spine Down, and Rabid Whole.

June 18, 2010 - Elysium Social Club holds the First Anti Social. A Raging success. It featured DJ Count Zero[Interrupt], DJ Raytch Aytch, myself, and DJ z3r0.

Monday, November 15, 2010 - Slick Idiot perform at The Zoo with local act Kazzoshay and DJ z3r0, and what a show it was!!! En Esch and Crew were absolutely Awesome!! Amazingly, the cover was only $7!!! I got to shake En Eschs' hand and apologize for the low turnout, and he was cool with it. "Don't worry about it", he said to me. I'd say the body count that night was just over 50 people, and I was rather surprised and disappointed but there was a bug going around and many must have been bed ridden that night. Again, this brings to my mind how disappointed I was when Frontline Assembly wasn't given the appreciation they deserved here. As z3r0 commented, "This is why Skinny Puppy skip Winnipeg when they pass on their way to Montreal & Toronto".

Saturday, December 18th, 2010 - DJ Evil Bastard DeeJays for the last time at AfterDark (the current Goth/Industrial Night), and happily passes the reigns to DJ z3r0. The Bastard will continue to DJ the Fetish Ball and other outside events, but other than performing live in his musical project, Groit, he's done with the Regular Goth Night gigs and wishes z3r0 the Best : )

Saturday, January 8th, 2011 - Ozzys sees one of its BEST AfterDark nights EVER with a show featuring local EBM Legends Distorted Memory & Chaos Theory in an incredible Double Bill. DJ z3r0 did a great job managing the music in between. A Fantastic crowd, and Amazing Start to a New Year and a New Chapter in our history.

Januray 28, 2011 - Its with sadness that I enter here thta CHARLES (CHUCK) LESLIE GREEN, Head Honcho of the Osborne Village Inn, passed away after a lengthy illness at age 54. In our scene, the Holy Trinity of Venues would be The Royal Albert (ruled by Wayne), The St. Charles Hotel (which housed Wellingtons - Thank you, Harry) and the Osborne Village Inn (run by Chuck & his brothers, David & Coleman who will continue the work) which is home to The Zoo & Ozzys. When he gave us the Saturdays for AfterDark, we shook hands and he considered me a Business Partner. A shrewd business man, he was a straight shooter from my experience, and he was competitive (you have to give him that). It was he who gave us Ozzys for AfterDark thus allowing our night to continue. He had faith in us, and we haven't let him down. Chuck, we're going to do our best to make the night successful in your name. We thank you, and we'll miss you. May you Rest In Peace.

March, 2011 - DJ Razed & DJ Macabria put together The Dark Lantern Society. A support group dedicated to the Goth Community in Winnipeg, it is devote on taking suggestions and ideas from said individuals for such things as bar nights and other special events that you would be interested in seeing the the near future. Their first contribution is the improvement of AfterDark, enhancing the atmosphere with candles & roses and their awesome music and great positive attitudes. These guys REALLY enjoy their work :)

March 5th, 2011 - DJ z3r0 leaves us to go to Brandon. We wish him well and will miss his work. Fortunately for the Scene, the Night Remains. After Dark continues with DJs Count Zero, Macabria & Razed. On top of this, DJ Raytch Aytch begins doing a special Winnipeg Industrial Coalition theme for After Dark the last Saturday of every month and kicks it off the Saturday of March 26, 2011.

March 24th, 2011 - The Residents performed at The West End Cultural Centre, and I SAW THEM!!!! Okay, so there were only three of them (it was explained that their drummer, Carlos, had retired), they only played one song I recognized (Semolina), and they didn't bring their Eye Ball Heads. Still, it was an amazing show that played to a packed house. You can find clips of the show on Youtube if you enter "Residents Winnipeg 2011".

May 15, 2011 - Frontline Assembly Return!!!! iVardensphere was also on the bill, but there was no time for their spot since the show was on a Sunday and the bar had to be closed by 1 am. But At least we got to see Distorted Memory once again open followed by DJ Accucrack. The weather was Beautiful, and the show was Amazing!!! Had a better turnout than last time (Thank Bloody Hell). DJ Pokey got her picture taken with Leeb (Right on, Leslie!!!)

May 22, 2011 - Merzbow plays the Pyramid!!! Originally this was to be at The Royal Albert, but damage due to heavy rain that weekend caused the show to be moved. Altogether, it was quite the intense experience. Joining the Merz on the bill was Venetian Snares & Not 1/2 (my friend, Al, who was fellow keyboardist alongside me in Scavenger Vaccum).

September 17, 2011 - En Esch, Gunter Schutlz & Mona Mur return to The Zoo along with the Promonium Jesters. A rainy night it was, and it was an excellent show!!! The Bands are as awesome People as they are Musicians!!!!

October 10, 2011 - Ogremind starts up it Unofficial Magazine: The Dark Parlour with the assistance of Local Alternative Model, Joan V. An Alternative Culture Magazine, it's increasing in quality with every issue.

October 15, 2011 - Elysium Social Club present Hanzel Und Gretyl at After Dark along with DJs Count Zero[Interrupt], Raytch Aytch, and Cyberella. I got to work the fogs & lights, and it was AMAZING!!!

February 4, 2012 - The Ball Celebrates its 100th BALL at Ozzys!!!!! That's a lot of Balls!!!! And yours truly was priveleged to spin for it. I was there for the First, and I was there for this Mile Stone!!! It was Glorious!!!!

May, 10, 2012 - Rammstein came to Winnipeg....and I couldn't make it. The pics & video clips however illustrate an amazing show! The MTS was packed, and this should motivate the band to come again :)

August 4, 2012 - Dark Lantern flexes its promotional muscles and puts on it's first Event/Band Booking with Summer Darkness III for which they bring in Dead Romantic. It was a Helluva Night :)

November 7, 2012 - Local Promoter, Cory Thomas & his company, NinjaCat Productions, bring in Birthday Massacre to The Park Theatre. Also on this amazing bill were William Control, Aesthetic Perfection & Nocturnal Divinity. The show was a raving success!

November 7, 2013 - Daniel Ash (Guitarist for Bauhaus, Tones On Tail, and Love & Rockets) honours us with a visit to our town & DJs for this night only at The Pyramid along with local DJs The Invisible Man & King Cabernet.

August 16, 2014 - MEME 2014 brought in DOWNLOAD (cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy & Phil Western) to the Pantages Playhouse!!! Ghost Twin & Asher Moai (our very own Marty Famine) opened! With an immense crowd, it was an incredible night. Loved the cool laser show!!!!

November 3, 2014 - Gary Numan performs at The Garrick Theatre! An amazing show, and we were blessed that he should finally play in Winnipeg for the first time EVER.....and Union Events bloody well BOMBED in their (absolute lack of) promotion. Nowhere in town did ANYONE see a single bloody poster! Not even on the door of the Venue! Except for the name on the outside marquee , you would never have even known he was in town. All promotion appeared to have been done online on social media. UE clearly did NOT have faith in the show since they only printed 250 tickets. It was an okay turnout, but it could have (and bloody well SHOULD have) been better!!! There was nothing on the radio, and BOB FM plays "Cars" at LEAST once a day anyhow!!!! Gary, I'm so sorry. Again, like it has with other Legends, this town has disappointed.

January 10, 2015 - Corrosion, an EBM Music Night, is created by Randy Randell, DJ Raytch Aytch, and DJ King Nine. It holds its first event at Wee Jonnys Pub. It was a great night, and the Group would go on to hold it at other venues.

Saturday, October 24, 2015 - The Ball takes place at Ozzys for the LAST TIME EVER. With the Venue being sold, Master Brian & Mistress Vanilla call it a night after nearly 20 years of leather, lace & floggings. It was a night using both levels with DJ Evil Bastard working Ozzys while DJ Nuvo spinning the tunes upstairs in The Zoo. An amazing night with an amazing crowd.

December 31, 2015 - The Osborne Village Inn has been sold. Its venues, The Zoo & Ozzys, close down. DJ Evil Bastard holds Apocalypse 2015 (The Gothic/Industrial New Years Eve) at Ozzys. We enjoy ourselves and then say "Good Bye" to the place where we have been the past 5 years.

February 26, 2016 - Filling the void left by the passing of Ozzys, some local DJs surface to put on an on going Goth Event at The Handsome Daughter (61 Sherbrook St.)
An evening of New Wave, Synth Pop, Goth, Post Punk and Brit Pop curated by a couple of your favorite weirdos. DJs Adam Dyson / Jessee Kowalski / Stevie Dee
As they said "Dress the part. Come get as weird as you want to some great music at everyone's favorite bar in Winnipeg, The Handsome Daughter." It would be followed by consecutive Pity Parties at later dates. Good on you, guys :)

June 18, 2016 - Ogremind holds the first of "GOTHS & FREAKS", a series of Goth/Industrial events at Club 3D. It was a success, and ran as a bi-monthly event. It would run 7 events at 3D before ending there Sept 9, 2017.

August 7-9, 2017 - Amazing three days: Brian Ferry played the Burton Cummings Theatre on the 7th. Following day it was Echo & The Bunnymen in the same venue. The next day it was VNV Nation performing their first Winnipeg show at The Park Theatre!

August 18, 2017 - MEMETIC brought The Orb to the Cube!!

November 26, 2017 - Gary Numan returns to Winnipeg & performs at The Pyramid part of his Savage Tour. Opening act was Me Not You who were amazing! The show was absolutely stellar, and I totally lost myself in the light show. I was among the 4 people who took up the Meet & Greet option, and I was completely starstruck to the point where I'm certain that I annoyed Gary. I also got to meet his wonderful beautiful wife, Gemma. Crowd was well over twice the size of the one that saw him last time! Kudos to Timber Concerts for this tour!!!

December 23, 2017 - Ogremind (in conjunction with Strange Things Emporium) presents Winnipegs First Krampus Event at The Windsor. KRAMPUSNACHT takes place with music spun by DJ Evil Bastard & DJ Red Star. There was concern about how it would go, but it was a huge success, drawing in a crowd well over what Ogremind had expected. It's decided to make it an annual event.

July 24, 2018 - Psyche perform in Winnipeg for the first time, and they are in a double bill alongside Rational Youth at The Windsor. Opening for these Legends was Nova Heart, a Synth Pop duo consisting of DJ Evil Bastard & Sonya Oliveira. Those who did not (or could not) attend should kick themselves for having missed a memorable & magical night!!!

September 8, 2018 - Ogremind & Strange Things Emporium put on Winnipegs first 16+ Goth Event at the Royal Canadian Legion on St. James. There was the crowning of a Goth Prom King & Queen, and a live performance by TWITCHITT. The evening was a success bringing in over 100 people among which were a number of Under Age Goths whom we were happy to hold an event for. The DJs that night were Yours Truly & DJ Cyberian Wolfe (Deborah Michals). No problems, everyone behaved themselves, and the night went wonderfully!

May 25, 2019 - Combichrist played at the Pyramid with opening act Silver Snakes. Both bands were awesome & Combi put on an amazing show.

June 15, 2019 - Royal Albert is re-opened! First official night featured Memetic holding their event: Techno Hotel, a night of Techno which featured DJs FISHEAD, NATHAN ZAHN, DEIR, and SHAEL.

October 21, 2019 - Morrissey played the Centennial Concert Hall. Originally scheduled for an April show, there was a cancellation, but, happily for us, he came back to us! It was an amazing show, and he was a most charming man :)

December 3, 2020 - Mike Lambert, an independent music promoter who brought acts such as the Ramones, Iggy Pop and Green Day to Winnipeg long before the punk-rock legends became Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, passes away. Taken by cancer, he was 63. Below is a link to the Winnipeg Free Press article. Thank you, Simon Helm, for this history addition.

October 23, 2021 - The Ball returns after over a year of Health Restrictions brought about by the COVID. DJ Evil Bastard isn't vaccinated and thus cannot DJ (due to Government laws), so he recommends DJ King Cabernet to The Ball managers. The evening goes well with a packed house of the Fully Vaccinated. The Manitoba PC Government's segregation laws continue to divide Manitobans.

December 17, 2021 - Corrosion presented THE GOTH NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS at The Bulldog Event Center, featuring DJs Raytch Aytch & King Cabarnet. Unfortunately, verification of useless so-called vaccination is required, keeping some members of the crowd (including Yours Truly) out of the event. Inspite of Pallisters medical apartheid still being in effect, they had an ok turnout. F*CK TRUDEAU!

July 2, 2022 - Manitoba PC Gov manages to grow a brain, and drops the useless vaccine mandates & restrictions. Ogremind gets back in the game, and puts on Goths & Freaks: Goth Prom 2022 at the Bulldog Event Center, with NO proof of Vax required, and masks are optional. It's a SUCCESS!!!!! We had a BALL!!!

August 12, 2022 - Hot Goth Summer Fest rolls into Blue Note Park, bringing the big sounds of Crime Cellar, Holy Void and Tired Cossack! Moody and broody can party as well.

September 13, 2023 - The Windsor Hotel burns to the ground. While known mainly as a Blues Bar, its bar was host to all genres of music among which were our Goth Industrial events such as our first 2 Krampusnachts. Bands that played there include Psyche, Rational Youth, The Ghostly Hounds, Electric 6, and Ghost Twin.

January 1, 2024 - Jaimz Asmundson, a significant figure in our scene, and the other half & founding member of Ghost Twin, passes away at age 43. Our condolences go his wife & band member, Karen.


NOTE: Obviously there are extremely large holes in this time line. Any corrections, refinements and additions can be e-mailed to me (as mentioned at the top of this page).

Question: I would like to know when the first issue of Spooky Winnipeg came out.

Our Friend & Contributer, Paul R, informs us: "Another great Winnipeg synthpop band was New Man Celebration. Very pro. Saw Europa a few times. Saw Johnny Zhivago more times than I can remember. Dan Pachet was everywhere.
Did not go to Skinny Puppy shows you mentioned but all my friends did. Don't know why I didn't go. Money maybe.
Shout out to Plug in Art gallery where a lot of cool installations happened. They had a video art festival there in 81 that was very groundbreaking"