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Cryptic Chaos
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New Years Eve 2004
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We would also like to give proper credit to Eden Prosper whom we thank greatly for kindly gave us permission to use her art work for our posters. An extremely gifted photographer and model (who's talent is matched by her beauty), her work is very exceptional.
If you wish to know more about her, you may visit her website at: www.angelfire.com/grrl/edenprosper/

The same credit we must also give to Mistress Morrigan Hel. We never got permission from her to use her images since we thought nothing of it at the time. We believed that since the images were placed willingly on a publically accessed website that it was fine to freely download them. Out of respect and courtesy to Ms. Hel, we haven't used any more. We did email her to ask her permission as we had to Ms. Prosper. We didn't recieve a reply, but then really, what are we to her? AND I'M NOT BEING SARCASTIC HERE!!! Seriously, to a successful and internationally known model, we're just a some guys in a small northern prairie town. This might indicate that since she doesn't seem to be concerned about this, then there's no reason to worry about using her artwork.
Well, as I emailed Ms. Prosper, It's The Bloody Principle!!!! www.morrigan-hel.com

A special thanks to Wednesday Mourning, and Angelfire Photography for permission to use their imagery. We totally appreciate her help in her contacting her photographer on our behalf. To find out more about this beautiful and charming model, we encourage to you visit her website at:

And we must also give proper credit to Mz Devon. A local model and Web Site Designer, The Goddess herself was more than happy to allow us to use her photos for our posters, and for that we are most grateful indeed. Want to know more? Then by all means, do visit her site at http://www.mzdevon.com/ and prepare to fall to your knees in worship.